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Parigamba in jersey
40.30 €
Parigamba in jersey
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Jersey trunks


Parigamba in jersey di cotone elasticizzato
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Parigamba in jersey
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Parigamba in jersey
25.80 €
Parigamba in filo di scozia
31.80 €

The trunks are the perfect men's underwear for all occasions, it is the right compromise between a brief and a boxer. Some men define the brief as too constricting; some others consider the boxer too wide, a balance between the two pieces of clothing is given by them, the trunks.

They cover a small portion of the thigh, made of cotton, have a central seam with a particular ergonomic pocket section that follows and wraps your body without compressing it. They are ideal for men who practice any type of sport, since they avoid unwanted movement discomfort during physical activity.

If you think that the trunks are for you, before buying the right one, consider the following factors for a correct choice:

    • quality: evaluate the material well. The best fabric for breathing in the skin is cotton, it is soft, breathable and light, it helps keep the affected area cool.

    • comfort: too tight men's underwear, can rub the skin and cause intense itching, trunks must be worn naturally and must not give constrictions of any kind, be discreet. The shape must adapt to the body with ease.

The stretch jersey wefts and the very fine, high-quality long-fibre makò cotton meet all these characteristics.

The strong and resistant men's trunks allow you to move freely with maximum comfort and practicality and the elastic band with a low percentage of synthetic material, elastane, respects even the most sensitive skin. Among the many trunk you can choose one midi with low elastic waistband, or the one with the elastic band covered with fabric. If you prefer, there is also the version with the visible logo and the one that is particularly fresh thanks to the three-dimensionality of the precious Mako cotton.

All men's underwear is white for maximum hygiene during washing. If you want to know the instructions on how to keep these garments always perfect, consult our washing instruction table under each model.

Would you like something special? Among the various models there is also the piece created specifically by Artisti for the Limited Editions such as that by Nando Crippa, who has interpreted the greatest passion of Italians on fabric: football. Choose this exclusive piece of clothing for a special occasion, if you want to be truly original.

You want to have maximum comfort, then combine the underwear of your choice with a comfortable one-piece pyjama to wear in your relaxing moments at home or when you go to sleep. Go to the specific section, choose your model and buy both of them. Comfort will live in your home.

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